Properties are let at affordable rents by our partner housing associations, in compliance with Homes England and local standards. Tenants who seek ownership have the benefit of time and can build a good credit score, then are helped to buy their Rentplus home with financial advice and a gifted deposit.

This secure, flexible complementary affordable housing product aims to help tackle the housing crisis and is a direct response to the enduring popularity of purchase over renting for households that are unable to save a deposit, for example from taxed income.

Research by the National Housing Federation has suggested that first-time buyers must now pay ten times the deposit needed in the early 1980s, in real terms. Despite this, there remains a huge demand for home ownership, with a 2013 BBC survey finding that 61 per cent of renters would be unhappy if they could never buy a property.  

Further problems have been created by falling government grants, rising housing waiting lists and a chronic shortage of affordable homes.

With access to significant private and institutional investment, the Rentplus route tackles all these issues without relying on grant funding – taking the pressure off social housing stock and making home ownership a reality for more people around the UK.