Housing waiting lists have doubled in the last ten years and 1.85 million households (five million people) are now waiting for a home.

We thought it about time we created some good news.
How does Rentplus work?
It starts with a move into a highly attractive new home at an affordable rent, over a period of between five and 20 years.After that comes free support and guidance to achieving home ownership while building a positive credit record to support a mortgage application.An unique feature of Rentplus is that tenants receive a gifted deposit of ten per cent of the property’s market value at the time of purchase.As our homes are built with ownership in mind, they offer:
  • A range of property sizes, from one to four bedrooms
  • High quality and design for contemporary living
  • Reduced fuel bills and environmental benefits through a range of energy efficient features.
If Rentplus sounds like the perfect solution for you, contact us for more information.You can read more about it here, or the video below is a handy step-by-step guide to how Rentplus works. Click 'play' and take the journey...