Registered Provider Status Granted to Rentplus Homes

Jul 4, 2024

On 4 July 2024,The Regulator of Social Housing in England granted Rentplus Homes Limited (Rentplus Homes) Registered Provider (RP) status to support its delivery of new affordable rent-to-buy homes across the country.

Due to extremely high demand for the Rentplus affordable rent-to-buy model across the country, the parent company Rentplus-UK established Rentplus Homes as a provider of affordable housing to manage their portfolio on a national scale.

Working alongside their existing housing partners, Rentplus Homes will help low- and middle-income workers achieve their aspirations for home ownership.

Steve Collins, the CEO of Rentplus-UK, explains: “Whilst RP status is not required through national policy to deliver affordable rent-to-buy, we felt registration would enhance the quality of our affordable housing offer.

“Rentplus Homes’ registration will enable us to deliver in local authority areas that require us to have RP status through their local housing policies.

“We’d like to thank the Regulator of Social Housing for recognising how Rentplus Homes can enhance the affordable housing offer in our communities. Following a thorough registration process, local authorities can deliver the Rentplus affordable rent-to-buy model through Rentplus Homes with confidence, helping us turn local renters into homeowners in their area.

“Rentplus-UK and Rentplus Homes will continue to help local authorities increase the delivery of high-quality social and affordable housing to ensure local key and essential workers can remain in their communities and continue to contribute to sustainable place making.”

Rentplus Homes is a for-profit registered provider driven by social outcomes. It is fully funded, supported by investors who share this vision. The Rentplus rent-to-buy model offers a long-term solution to the housing affordability crisis in England by removing the principal barriers to home ownership; mortgage affordability and raising the deposit.

Rentplus Homes tenants move into a new build property with no deposit. They rent their home at up to 80% of open market rent inclusive of all service charges. After a period of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years they have the option to purchase their home with a gifted 10% deposit.

As at the end of 2023, nearly 90% of the Rentplus tenants due to buy the home they were living in purchased their home at the appointed time (year 5), fulfilling their aspiration of becoming homeowners by obtaining high street mortgages to buy 100% of their home.

Collins continued: “Rentplus-UK Ltd will continue to build relationships with our existing housing provider partners.  However, Rentplus Homes gives us the opportunity to work with developers and councils across the country in areas not currently served by an existing housing partner or where the local authority requires RP status through their local housing policies.”

Darrell Mercer, Chair of Rentplus Homes’ board, added: “Having registered provider status will enable more working people on lower incomes across the country to realise their dream of owning their own home.

“Rentplus Homes is committed to being a leading housing provider, delivering the best service to our tenants. Our Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) survey reveals that across essential categories including overall satisfaction, repair services, maintenance, safety, communication, fairness, and community contributions, Rentplus Homes surpasses the housing industry standards.

“Notably, our overall satisfaction score is a market leading 90%, compared to the industry average of 72%. Which is very impressive for such a new housing provider.”

Rentplus-UK works with nearly 70 councils and Rentplus Homes is already directly managing 117 new homes across 18 of those as a for-profit registered provider.


For more information contact the Rentplus Communications Team on 07365 437036 or email [email protected]




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