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Rentplus delivers an award-winning, innovative housing model aimed at tackling the UK’s growing housing crisis. National and regional house builders are partnering with Rentplus to build affordable housing across the country allowing working households to overcome the deposit barrier to get onto the housing ladder.

Rentplus can assist house builders to bring forward stalled sites and allow construction of new homes.

Developers working with Rentplus can unlock significant funding without the need for government grants. They’ll benefit from an increase in the percentage of affordable homes on developments to help meet planning obligations.

Rentplus developments, described as ‘tenure blind’ by our housing association partners, integrate with open market housing to create sustainable mixed tenure developments. Tenants are aspiring home owners who take pride in their homes and communities, which will be reflected in the values of surrounding open market housing, ensuring high quality investment opportunities.

To find out how Rentplus can improve the tenure mix on your development, contact your local team here.

Developers FAQs

  • What is Rentplus?

    Rentplus is a private company operating in the affordable homes sector. We work with carefully chosen partners who build and manage our homes and support our residents in their local communities.

  • How does Rentplus work?

    We buy affordable homes under section 106, which are let at an affordable rent on five, 10, 15 and 20-year leases to tenants who want eventually to buy their own home. The homes are let and managed by Registered Providers (RPs). When the tenant is ready to buy their home we give them 10% of its value to put towards their deposit.

    If the local authority wishes, we can replace homes sold on a one-for-one basis to maintain an agreed number of affordable rent-to-buy homes in any local authority area.

  • What are the benefits of working with Rentplus?

    • Our rent-to-buy model improves the viability of new projects and can help restart those that have stalled.
    • Rentplus offers a National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) compliant rent-to-buy model, delivering affordable housing for rent and other affordable routes to home ownership. Our experts help you build what is needed where it is needed.
    • Together we work out how to add the most value and agree a deed of variation to section 106.
    • Our model is suitable for key workers and others on lower incomes, allowing them to put down roots and contribute to the local economy, making the communities more stable and diverse.
    • All our homes meet and often exceed government building and energy standards and are tenure blind – they look just like the surrounding homes.
    • Our sell one, buy one, rent one model means we can maintain the number of affordable homes within an area independent of the property cycle.
    • Our due diligence on all our partners includes financial, geographical and governance checks to ensure we only work with the best.
  • What does a Rentplus home look like?

    All our homes meet and often exceed government building and energy standards and are tenure blind – they look just like the surrounding homes. They all feature wall, floor and loft insulation, advanced double-glazing, window and door security as well as highly efficient heating.

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